Issue 1: Fall 2021

Welcome to our inaugural publication of Rise, Phoenix College’s literary and arts magazine!

About Rise

Rise, Phoenix College’s literary and arts magazine, embraces unique voices from a diverse population of PC student artists and writers, fostering connections between our students and a wider creative community. Our vision is to uplift and celebrate our students, who, like the mythical Phoenix, continue to rise, demonstrating the transformative power of prose, poetry, and visual arts. Rise is a student-driven project consisting of student editors and artists.

The publication of this magazine is made possible by the students and faculty in the Special Interest CRW298AC course, open for enrollment each Fall, and the wonderful Creative Writing and English programs at Phoenix college.

Editorial Staff

Kevin Flynn

Kevin Flynn is an adult learner at Phoenix College, where he is studying music and creative writing. He is a Phoenix native, who for most of his career has focused on creating wellness for children and families through the public healthcare system. He is an avid reader, who particularly admires mystery writers Raymond Chandler, Chester Himes, James Sallis, and Elmore Leonard.

Greg Richardson

Greg is not a Nobel Prize winning scientist who fled Nazi occupied Germany in 1921. However, he did move to Phoenix from Utica, New York in 2015 for sunnier winters and dustier pastures. Working as a career server and bartender for over a decade, he discovered a love for writing and editing during the Coronavirus lockdowns. This prompted him to pursue an Associate’s Degree from Phoenix College in Creative Writing. When not writing or reading, you can find him hanging out with his burrito-sized dog, drinking copious amounts of white wine, and finding new ways to embarrass himself in front of complete strangers.

Maple Solstice

Maple Solstice began her writing career beneath a rosebush, while she waited for the Goblin King to kidnap her. She won a CCA (Conference Choice Award) from San Diego State University for her first novel, How Ramòn Died, in 2018. She is currently writing her second, a love letter to family curses and the people who break them.

Nathan Stewart

Nathan, or Nate, as commonly called by his friends and colleagues, is a creative individual who loves most creative works, especially poetry. He often writes in his personal journal and transforms those entries into poetry. Nate loves academics and hopes to one day teach English or Creative Writing. He’s also a fan of most “geeky” media: fantasy, science fiction, comics, and Magic: The Gathering. Working as a copy editor is just another happy opportunity for Nathan to explore creative media and practice his craft.

Publishing Faculty

Joanna (Jo) Robbins

Joanna (Jo) Robbins is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and full time English faculty at Phoenix College. The idea for Rise originated from her collaboration with students in her English 101 class. She enjoys developing creative platforms for diverse students to share their voices and talents. She hopes the zine highlights the strength and resilience of our Phoenix College campus community.

Cody Wilson

Cody Wilson is a published poet who teaches English and Creative Writing courses at Phoenix College. He enjoys riding bikes, writing, reading, and he occasionally attempts a kick flip or a 50/50 on his skateboard, though not without risking injury to both his body and his self-esteem.

One of his greatest joys has been working with the wonderful student editors in CRW298AC to create this magazine.