Sara Cho Stailey, “Not Like the Others” / Joshua Huynh, Three Songs

“Not Like the Others,” Sara Cho Stailey, Woodblock Print

Underground Blare

Joshua Huynh

Of Course I Do

Joshua Huynh

Mr. German Blue Ram

Joshua Huynh

Sara Cho Stailey is the owner and creator of Liminal Heart Studio. She dabbles in woodblock printing, oil painting, and watercolor.  Her handmade whimsical creations are inspired by nature and animals. Favorite subjects include anthropomorphic animals, rabbits, figures, and surreal landscapes.

IG: @liminalheart_

Joshua Huynh (Jello Cat) is an artist and producer in the background of his life, while his main role is that of a graduate student. While schooling is a priority, his music production practice also helps to prevent him from losing his mind. He had his toes dipped into the music world as early as 5 years old, but it wasn’t until recent years that his focus quickly shifted from the classical and symphonic training of his youth to the more current and textured creations of today. His focus isn’t to make it big in the industry and to get work done with big names, but to simply explore the arts of production, beat-making, songwriting, and to have a catalog to look back on and be proud of. With his first album coming out October 29th, 2022, that catalog is already in progress.