Mariana Rodriguez Payan, “Mom on Phone” / Angel Cochran, Two Songs

“Mom on Phone,” Mariana Rodriguez Payan, Photography


Angel Cochran

Her regality

Angel Cochran

Mariana Rodriguez Payan is a Mexican-American photographer specializing in environmental portraiture. Currently, she’s exploring the intimacy of her family’s interpersonal dynamic, showcasing everyday life through her photography. She wishes to expand her creative mind, taking a new interest in indoor studio settings and the incorporation of controlled, artificial lighting. Her art and journey in discovering herself can be seen at her Instagram handle: @hoii_im_mari_arts. 

Angel Cochran is a 19-year-old student who’s passionate about music and the feelings it evokes, striving to communicate her own emotions and stories in her creations. She’s been creating her own music for a couple of years and aspires to be a composer for musical artists, film, and games. Her music can be found on soundcloud.