Williams Nordrum, “Dali boy” / Kyle Pfister, “The State Of My Mind”

The State Of My Mind

Kyle Pfister
My foggy cerebrum mirrors 
the snake from the Garden,
feeding me temptation 
with the promise 
of endless dessert.

On the hunt for sweet juices, 
it now bends and breaks
and slithers to find 
that rotten apple
outlined with gold. 

It’s nothing but an urge,
this seedless apple of mine.
I try to claw away 
as the fog suddenly clears 
to find flakes of tart flavor
coiled in my teeth.

Williams x Nordrum is a 28-year-old visual artist and student living in Phoenix, Arizona. In Williams’ early years, he started practicing graffiti in South Phoenix where he was born. This community still heavily influences him today. As he started his higher education, he began to be inspired by life drawing and how he could combine his new interests with his past influences. Williams started creating paintings and participating in exhibitions, which only made him more ambitious. As the size and subject matter of his work got larger and more grand, he adopted a go big or go home outlook. This mindset guides his journey in the arts through Phoenix College on his way to an Associate of Fine Arts.

Kyle Pfister is a writer from Phoenix, Arizona. He’s spent his whole life working on some form of writing, whether it be short stories, a novel, poems, or songs. He loves to be able to express himself through his work, and likes connecting with the reader. Word play is one of his favorite things, and he hopes that one day, he can make a living off his craft.