Stacy D Newbury, “College Collage” / David Wilmowski, “My Grade is Dependent on The Weather!”

“College Collage,” Stacy D Newbury, Watercolor, 2022

My Grade is Dependent on the Weather!

David Wilmowski
Next time there’s a storm you’ll see
what my grade depended on.
Or rather, you won’t: the clouds 
will be in the way.

There are a million lights, like voices 
singing still and small and silent 
in the night, but you
can only see a few of them. Just a few. 

All I needed were a few, 
just a few to “draw” on a page
for an Astronomy lab. 

That was the first
time I looked up in a while…

The few that I could see spoke 
with their white and blue whispers,
beckoning past the light pollution
for me to let go and dream a while,
for me to ponder anew, find adventures again, 
for me to trace the constellations with a crayon, 
unafraid, unassuming, small. 

“Stay a while,” they whispered. 

I shuddered, and was woken
by the motorcycle and the LED 
of the streetlight.

I closed my book and clicked my pen shut,
satisfied with the work I had done.
I strode back to the comfort of the TV, 
but left the voices in silent antiquity.  

Stacy D Newbury  is a semi-retired health care worker now enjoying an opportunity to fan the flames of creative expression at Phoenix College. Her collage was done as part of Watercolor 2 class. It represents the “old and new of the college, and a portion we see from our home!”

David Wilmowski likes to write poetry simply for fun. He hopes to become better at writing by submitting his work to contests such as this. He hopes his work points you to beauty. Verso l’alto!