Ayram Beltrán, “Between Lines” / Taylor Miskowski, Three Poems

“Between Lines,” Ayram Beltrán, Digital, 2022

Box Breathing

Taylor Miskowski
I buried myself 
in your front yard 
when you were
on your way home
from work.

While I wait for you,
I try to define
the difference between
eating and breathing

dirt. By the time I
hear your car, 
I have already begun to rot.
I hear your footsteps
and the door slam
shut. I am thinking
about the difference
between death and decomposition.

Cooking With Knives

Taylor Miskowski
Your name in my 
mouth still tastes
like blood. 
But I can now
speak it without
choking on it.

I can clear my throat
without coughing you up.

I pour salt
in my homemade
wounds when you 
are not looking.
I call this cooking.

I am healing.
Only I believe this.

Girlhood as Sainthood

Taylor Miskowski
My body is not a temple. 
It is an abandoned church,
once a vessel of worship,
now forgotten by all
but those that God
has forgotten himself.

I worry I will die
unnoticed by God.
I worry this is the holiest 
act I could ever commit.

Ayram Beltrán feels an indestructible bond to the arts and all its relatives. Art helps him go beyond language’s frontiers and find consolation in his lonesomeness. His abilities are mainly in the fields of drawing and sketching. He also loves to read and write primarily in his native language, Spanish. He aspires to be a masterful artist and multilingual person. Ayram says, “When words cannot be expressed, or when words do not exist, art is there to hold your hands and guide you.”

Taylor Miskowski is from Phoenix, Arizona. She writes mainly poetry and creative non-fiction. Her work centers around themes such as mental illness and gender. She hopes to share her work more in the future!