Luis Zamora – Phoenix, Acrylic on Canvas Sheet, 2020
Luis Zamora – Heritage Self-Portrait, mixed media (colored pencils, graphite, and oil pastels) on drawing paper, 2020
Cindy Maria – Beauty From Ashes, calligraphy ink
Cindy Maria – Tomorrow, construction paper/pencil, 2020
Angela May-Graham – Real Cool Time, digital illustration, 2020
Parirou Djafari – Feel Like, Graphite, 2019
Shant Bahjat – King Parson, Oil paint, 2020
Shant Bahjat – Iraqi Mountains, Oil Paint, 2019
Shant Bahjat – Hanging Gardens of Baghdad, Oil Paint, 2019
Francisco Ramirez Rivera – Rainbow petals and swirly eyes, Embroidery, 2021
Francisco Ramirez Rivera – The path of my declining mental health, Mixed Media/collage, 2021
Ella Gerardo – “The Water in the Lake,” comic pages, digital, September 2020
Warren Norgaard – Dream Catcher, Kiln-Fired Glass, Twin, Stone, Feathers, 2020
Warren Norgaard – Bound to Labor, Kiln-Cast Glass, Iron Object, Twine, 2020
Ryan Kennedy – princess bubblegum in real life, photography, June 2020
Ryan Kennedy – I prayed to the night sky for peace, Photography
Ryan Kennedy – I’d go to the end of the earth for you, Digital Photography 2020
Haylee Rolnick – He Loves Me Not, Digital Photography, 2018
Haylee Rolnick – Sand Kissed, Digital Photography, 2019
Kathi Knox – Rescued, Photopolymer etching, 2018
Aaliyah Thompson-Mazzeo – Fertility and Virility, Line art and ink pen, watercolor, 2019