YOUR MOVE, “Magician’s Assistant” / Rosalyn Jourdan, “I’ll Never Get Insurance Money from This”

I’ll Never Get Insurance Money from This

Rosalyn Jourdan
I was born during a cold winter in Memphis
My parents burned the furniture to keep us warm
I’ve never known a house not on fire
All I’ve ever known is burning buildings
To keep hot is to be alive
To scream, yell, hit
Every gnash of my mother’s teeth 
The slam of my father’s movements
Bellies never quite full
Clothes always cheap and worn
Everything about my childhood was fire
The rage that filled my parents
Burned my sisters
It burned me
We all became the house fire
We were all matches waiting to be lit
We were a book of matches
Once one was lit
The rest followed suit
Fire after fire
Room after room
Smoke stacking from the ceilings
The thing about house fires
Or at least the ones inside you
They never stop
Every river I meet quells the flame 
But only for a moment
The fear and anger are what fuel me
The anxiety in my teeth gets me out of bed
The fury in my stomach is my only motivation 
I am afraid of not being on fire
I never learned to live without it

YOUR MOVE is a multimedia artist based in Phoenix, AZ. Their work is a form of catharsis to help relieve the suffering of life. Through this release, YOUR MOVE attains a connection with the primordial ooze and a form of inner realization he calls the Brooth.

IG: @browne_creature

Rosalyn Jourdan is a poet originally from Missouri. She’s been writing poetry for the past three years and is currently working on finishing a manuscript. 

IG: @rosalyn_abbrielle