Dacoda Reyes, “Phantasm” / Courtney Rogerson, “Rigor Samsa”

Dacoda Reyes, Phantasm, collage, 2020

Rigor Samsa

Courtney Rogerson
I would pull out my teeth one by one
scraping the calcium and electrocuting the nerves
to give them to you in the palms of your hands
gently folding your fingers over with my own
if it meant that I could spit out the blood that poisons me
and if it meant you’d have 28 separate parts of me
that you could destroy instead because I would trade anything
to silence the jaded child knocking on the walls of my chest
for the agony of ripping gums and swollen sockets

Dacoda Reyes is a multimedia illustrator pursuing a Baccalaureate in Secondary Art Education. She hopes to inspire adolescents to pursue disciplinary skills and explore themselves with different art mediums. Reyes’s artwork visualizes late girlhood and emotional solitude with vivid colors and fantasy elements. Aside from a teaching career, Reyes also wants to partake in book illustration. 

Courtney Rogerson likes anything and everything to do with self-expression, especially when it comes to writing. Journaling is a big part of her inner life. Conversations about topics that are far too vast for the mind to process pique her interest, and she can be deeply introverted at times. You are likely to find her in her room daydreaming, listening to music, and, of course, writing down her vivid dreams and thoughts.