Dacoda Reyes, “Admirer” / Navi Madrid, “June”


Navi Madrid
It all feels selfish 
but I’m allowed to be 
the shaking of my hands 
and the kneeling towards the sea 
A crush, not to be mistaken with love —
that’s a two-way street 
No more thinking, no more of that tired, 
lifeless sultry look 
history played on repeat, not a storybook
I remember voices well enough I hear them in my sleep
but they’re always shouting at me 
Never meet your heroes 
You’ll come back with nothing 
I want to celebrate a tender lifelong summer
but my darkest month is June

Dacoda Reyes is a multimedia illustrator pursuing a Baccalaureate in Secondary Art Education. She hopes to inspire adolescents to pursue disciplinary skills and explore themselves with different art mediums. Reyes’s artwork visualizes late girlhood and emotional solitude with vivid colors and fantasy elements. Aside from a teaching career, Reyes also wants to partake in book illustration.

Navi Madrid is a student at Phoenix College pursuing a degree in Creative Writing.